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All cards to the Ace piles

For each $52 game you are on average likely to get back


Draw 3 cards, 3 times around deck

1 in 11.5 games

(lose $0.61)


Draw 1 card, 1 time around deck

1 in 22.0 games

(lose $1.60)


Draw 3 cards, Keep going around deck

1 in 5.6 games

(profit $22.05)


Draw 1 card, Keep going around deck

1 in 1.9 games

(profit $109.86)

These numbers are based on 10,000,000 games played; each type of game using the same default sequence of randomly shuffled decks; and the optimum move choice logic as listed on the Logic page of this website.



The simulator follows the rules and options that are built in to the Windows Solitaire game where each game cost $52, and you get back $5 for each card you move to the top. Results for A and B are with the “Vegas” scoring option where you can only go through the deck a specified number of times. Results for C and D are with the “Standard” scoring option where you can go around the deck as many times as you like (or until you repeat yourself and there is no point in carrying on). In all cases, partial stack moves are allowed.

Are these results definitive? Absolutely not, and I am positive that better results can be achieved with more work. I would really like to hear from anyone else who is also working on this problem and has been able to achieve better machine driven answers.